Book Reviews

Update July 2020: This year just continues to disappoint! Fires and smoke, hailstorms, pandemic, isolation, health issues, family complications…. So I am still unable to accept review requests for now. Take care everyone!

I have been receiving a number of requests for book reviews via email lately, and I have had to turn a few people down simply because they are offering books outside the genres that I like to review. So a few things to remember when requesting a review:

  • I only review fiction and non-fiction childrens’ and young adult books.
  • While I may agree to receiving a review copy of your book, I do not get paid for my reviews.
  • I can accept a hard copy, pdf, epub or mobi.
  • If you provide me with a digital copy, please also supply the cover image of your book to use with the review.
  • If you are requesting a review for a digital copy of your book, please email it directly to along with your request. I am spending too much time returning request emails. I will let you know if and when my review is completed.
  • I can not guarantee a time-frame for each review, I have four young kids and a life outside of my computer!
  • All review requests are added to my list of books to review, but I do not review them in chronological order. I choose books to read based on what I feel like reading next. This makes it more likely that I will enjoy your book when I get to it 🙂
  • All of my reviews represent my own honest opinions, and sometimes those of my children. If I review your book, my review will be honest; good, bad or otherwise!
  • I post reviews to my blog, Today We Did, and Goodreads and Riffle where applicable. It can also be shared through social media as long as it links back to Today We Did.
  • All of my reviews are copyrighted Today We Did, and remain my intellectual property. If you would like to use my review somewhere other than where I have posted it, please ask me first, and link it back to Today We Did
  • Contact me at

And, please remember that I am only one person, and I receive many review requests every month. If I could review every book that comes to me, I would, but for the moment that is unrealistic.


Guest Blog Posts

I accept submissions of guest blog posts related to childrens’ and young adult books, reading, literacy or education. This could be in the form of an article, or as a list or compilation of books/resources/authors, such as “Best Aussie Picture Books of 2016” or “Authors to Read if you Like YA Romance”. I do reserve the right to reject a guest post submission that I feel is not appropriate for my blog or that I don’t believe will interest my readers.


Book Spotlight

There are times when I will not be able to review your book in the near future, or even at all. If it is a childrens’ or young adult book, I can still feature it on my blog as a Book Spotlight. For this, I ask that you supply a blurb about your book(s), links to your website and/or social media pages, and at least one image (can be the book cover) or other marketing material you would like used. Information about the author or a short preview/excerpt also adds interest. I will format a post from that and let you know when it has been published. I will share it on my social media pages as well.


Everything on the Today We Did blog is my own work, and the work of my children. All the text and photos are copyrighted Today We Did. Sometimes I may use an art or craft idea from somewhere else, in which case I have attributed credit to other sources as appropriate. If you want to use something from Today We Did, please ask me, and please link back to Today We Did.






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