Funky Cardboard Glasses


We got the craft box out this afternoon. It is overflowing with all sorts of items useful in our craft activities. I really must sort it out though, it has become extremely messy with the kids pulling things out and then shoving them back in.

Exploding craft box.

Exploding craft box.

There was a pack of plain cardboard glasses frames, and A decided to decorate a pair.

IMG_1037She used textas to colour the glasses first. She also added some animal stickers, colouring a section of the frames in green texta so that the animals had some grass to stand on. There was some ribbon and lace scraps added, and the lenses are green cellophane. When A popped the glasses on she said, “They make everything look green!”. She was quite amazed.

Finished glasses.

Finished glasses.

A also used this time to cut some paper up. She loves using scissors.

Practicing with scissors.

Practicing with scissors.


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