Snowflake Wand


It is book week this week, and L’s school is having a book week parade. All the kids and teachers get dressed up as a character out of a book. For the past two years L has chosen to go as a fairy, and this year was no different. She chose Carrie the Ice Cap Fairy from the Rainbow Fairy book series. These books have been a favourite in our house for some time. Carrie is a blue fairy, so I found some blue wings at the Reject Shop, and we picked out a blue outfit from her wardrobe, but we decided to make a wand to go with her costume. IMG_1201L wanted a blue wand with a snowflake on the end. So we got busy making paper snowflakes. I showed L how to make squares from rectangular pieces of paper, and then to fold them over and over and then cut the edges. We used scissors and a hole punch to make different shapes. L’s first couple of attempts didn’t quite work, but she got the hang of not cutting right through pretty soon. A’s attempts all resulted in a lot of paper on the floor 🙂

We ended up with a number of very pretty blue and white designs.

A's attempts.

A’s attempts.

My attempts at snowflakes.

My attempts at snowflakes.

L's attempts.

L’s attempts.

For the wand’s shaft we cut up a cardboard roll from some wrapping paper, and rolled it more tightly to give the wand a slight cone shape. Then Big L painted it blue and sprinkled glitter on it (glitter really makes a wand!). Once it was dry we attached the snowflake L had chosen to the end, and voila, one beautiful snowflake wand!

Painting the wand.

Painting the wand.

Finished wand.

Finished wand.



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