Collage Craft


IMG_2301What kid doesn’t love using glue? I gave A a pot of Clag glue, a piece of paper and some collage materials. I’ve got to watch her like a hawk with the glue, otherwise it ends up all over the place, and often in her hair, which is yuck. She just likes to put glue anywhere and everywhere. When she does get the glue on the paper she can make some fun and colourful collages. I’ve been trying to get her to put the glue on the paper first and then stick different items onto the glue sections. She likes to put the glue onto the item instead, which means getting glue on her fingers, and then everything sticks to her. She alternatively likes this and hates it.


L also did some collage art, but she made a picture of a robot on hers. And because A was hogging the glue, she used sticky tape to affix her picture.



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