Spot Goes to School by Eric Hill


IMG_8247Spot Goes to School by Eric Hill, paperback lift-the-flap book, first published in 1984 by William Heinemann Ltd, this edition was published by Puffin Books in 2013.

This was the very first Spot book I can ever remember reading, and there was a lovely feeling of nostalgia when I first read it to my own children. I think every child likes Spot books. Lift-the-flap books are lots of fun, and Spot and his friends are quite lovable.

In this Spot adventure, he is off to school for the first time. All his friends are there, and they sing, and play and build and paint. It’s so much fun Spot doesn’t want to go home.

Great for young children, from about two years, this book was also enjoyed by my seven year old. The lure of lift-the-flaps is high, and I had to make the kids take turns, but the flaps add some extra fun to the story. The illustrations are big and bright, yet simple. The text is also large with simple language, good for children beginning to read. Spot is a firm favourite for us.


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