Round Sensory Tub


This week I collected some round objects for Baby T’s sensory tub. We had some soft and hard balls, an egg ring, plastic plate, cookie cutter, baby food jar lid, a round sponge, a toy ring, pom poms and other round lids.


Baby T had a great time with this tub, especially throwing the balls around. He investigated each of the items, and we talked about the shape, colour and texture of the items with him. We also talked about other things that are round, like the wheels on the car.

He put the sponge through the ring over and over, before putting the pom poms through one at a time, and then trying the big woolen ball, which was much too large to fit through. He found this a bit frustrating, and after several attempts he went back to putting the sponge through the hole. He also spent quite a lot of time trying to put the small blue tupperware lid onto the cookie cutter. It was a good size to fit, but didn’t seal, so it kept falling off. The items that formed rings he wore as bracelets, even crawling around with them like that while laughing!

Putting the sponge through the ring.

Putting the sponge through the ring.

Trying to put a lid on the cookie cutter.

Trying to put a lid on the cookie cutter.


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