Underpants Wonderpants by Peter Bently and Deborah Melmon


IMG_2804Underpants Wonderpants by Peter Bently and Deborah Melmon, paperback picture book, published by Paragon Books Ltd in 2014.

Wonderpants is the ultimate superhero, flying around and saving everyone with awesome underpants power! Underpants can help in any situation, even when saving the world from an alien invasion.

Underpants Wonderpants is much loved by my preschooler. The story is a bit silly, but amusing, and the language is simple enough for children learning to read. The illustrations are colourful and engaging, my preschooler likes to find the duck on each page.

Underpants Wonderpants is best suited to preschoolers and kindy children, but I get a chuckle each time I read it too. Kids will love what Wonderpants does with his undies. Underpants have many more uses than I previously thought!



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