Merry Christmas 2014!


It’s almost time for Santa to arrive in our house, and we have been getting ready for his arrival with much enthusiasm this evening.

A throwing out reindeer food.

A throwing out reindeer food.

Before dark, we went outside and the kids spread their reindeer food around the front yard. The glitter in the feed will help to guide the reindeer down to land on our lawn, and then they can munch on the food while they wait for Santa. L and A threw some of the reindeer food in the air, so it rained (A made this pun as she threw it) all over us, consequently we are all very glittery!

L and A made some chalk markings to show where Santa should enter our house (we don’t have a chimney). L also wrote “Santa stop here please” on our front path, just in case. She also put a number of notes around the house to show Santa where the tree is and the like.

A message for Santa.

A message for Santa.

The snack.

The snack.

The snack went out onto the table, each girl chose a biscuit for Santa. L put out a big cup of water, while A thought Santa would prefer milk. And apparently the reindeer are hungry this year, as they are also getting a nice juicy carrot to eat. There are more notes indicating what Santa should do.

One of the notes L left for Santa.

One of the notes L left for Santa.

The kids watched their favourite Christmas movie, The Grinch, before going off to bed. They are very excited, but hopefully they will be able to go to sleep quickly.

I know of so many families that have an absurdly early start on Christmas morning, but that tends not to be us. On more than one occasion, at least one of the kids has slept beyond eight o’clock on Christmas morning! Hopefully that will be the case again tomorrow, and we will all have been able to get a good night’s rest.

I hope Santa finds each and every one of you tonight 🙂 We will be enjoying some wonderful family time tomorrow, and we hope you do to. Merry Christmas from all of us at Today We Did.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!





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