Pocket Pal Jokes to Tell


jokestotellPocket Pal Jokes to Tell, 220 pages small format paperback, published by Hinkler Books Pty Ltd. in 2009.

An excellent collection of jokes, riddles, silly book titles and knock knocks. Some of the jokes are very funny, some are groan-worthy, and most could be classified as ‘Dad’ jokes.

We read some of this book aloud during Christmas lunch this year, after we’d run out of cracker jokes. I had everyone laughing, even the toddlers were laughing because everyone else was! There were plenty of moments where our eldest (almost nine), would groan, shake her head and say “oh, muuuuummmm”, so I knew the jokes were good.

I liked that there were jokes that I had heard a million times, and others that were new to me, but all of them were child friendly. I think kids in primary school would particularly enjoy this book.

Jokes to Tell is a perfect way to enjoy humour with children and family. It is suitable for children big and small, but is best shared aloud!


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