Delilah Dusticle’s Transylvanian Adventure by A. J. York


DDtrans coverDelilah Dusticle’s Transylvanian Adventure by A. J. York and illustrated by Gavin Childs, e-book, 149 pages, published in 2014.

Delilah and Abi have formed a very successful cleaning company called “Dustbusters”. They have a whole team of cleaners working for them and they have endless work keeping them occupied. Delilah is wonderful at removing dust that others just can’t, she whips out her duster and simply eradicates the dust! Whilst cleaning for one of their clients, Delilah receives a letter from Count W. Dracula requesting her services in preparing his castle in Transylvania for a large function. Delilah and her workers, Dev, Billy and Doris travel to Transylvania, meeting the rather eccentric Count. Delilah gets much more than she expected on her first overseas gig!

This is the second book in the Delilah Dusticle series. The story picks up with Delilah and Abi in their successful business venture, but leads Delilah to discover so much more about herself. There were fairies and spies, and of course a very annoying villain ready to be overthrown in this delightful fantasy. It was a fun and engaging story, with plenty of magic and humour. The chapters are short and the plot easily followed, making it perfect for early independent readers. There are cute colour illustrations at the beginning of each chapter too.

I quite like Delilah. Her ability to eradicate dust is pretty amazing, but she is also clever, kind and generous. Abi is similarly endowed, except her special ability is to create incredible and beautiful dusters. Winnie, aka Count Dracula, was a complete card! His antics and his style made me laugh. I do wish I could have some fluffy duck slippers that quack when I walk! His assistant, Ulrik was also a funny character. All of the characters are interesting, and well developed.

I read Delilah Dusticle’s Transylvanian Adventure in a single sitting, and now I am ready for Delilah’s next adventure. It is most suitable for primary school students, but I really liked it! I think this book could be read independently of the first Delilah Dusticle story, though both are worth reading.


*I received this book as a digital copy from the author, who asked me for an honest review of this book. I did not receive any other remuneration, and the review is composed entirely of my own opinions.



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