Mother’s Day Art


Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mums out there!


These simple art pieces make good cards for Mother’s Day. I think I might laminate the ones my kids made and keep them. They make unique placemats once laminated.

I helped the kids trace around their hands with a pencil. This was easy with the big kids, hard with the little ones. T2 just couldn’t keep his hands still! Eventually we got an outline that resembled his hands, and then we could paint.

Adding coloured dots.

Adding coloured dots.

To make the dots, we used out paint dot markers. You could also make a dot pattern using cotton tips or cotton filters. Fingerprints would look nice too. Or fill in the hand outlines in any way you like!

Add a happy message and give it to Mum! We used paint pens to write our greetings.




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