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Lost and Found at the Library by Jeneane Kendall


lostandfoundcoverLost and Found at the Library by Jeneane Kendall, e-book, 19 pages, published in 2016.

Cooper the teddy bear and Floppy the toy rabbit have been accidentally left at the library by their owners. They are placed in the “Lost and Found” box to wait. Once the library staff leave for the night, a fairy appears to help the toys. Floppy and Cooper set out to explore the library. They look at books, check out the computers and even make a sign for the library window.

With a couple of well-loved toys exploring a library when no one is around to see, and a bit of magic, this book was a pleasant and easy read. The story was straight forward, and the language simple. It is not a picture book, though there are basic coloured illustrations scattered through the book, it is more of a short story. I think it would be good for young children as a reader book when learning to read.

I liked Cooper and Floppy, they reminded me of toys I had as a child. To me, my stuffed animals were always alive, and having adventures, just like Floppy and Cooper! This is the sort of story I would have enjoyed reading as a child, and I like it now too. It was too long for my toddlers to sit through, but was perfect for my first grader.

Lost and Found at the Library is suitable for lower primary school children.


*I received this book as a digital copy from the author, who asked me for an honest review of this book. I did not receive any other remuneration, and the review is composed entirely of my own opinions.

Airy Fairy: Magic Mess! by Margaret Ryan


IMG_2455Airy Fairy: Magic Mess! by Margaret Ryan and illustrated by Teresa Murfin, paperback chapter book, 77 pages, published by Scholastic Ltd in 2004.

Airy Fairy is the worst fairy at spells and just about everything else in Fairy Gropplethorpe’s Academy for Good Fairies, but she does try hard. It is Fairy Gropplethorpe’s Rainbow Birthday, and all the little fairies are asked to make her a present. They have also been asked to paint their rooms. Both tasks require creative spell-work, something that Airy Fairy is not very good at. Her attempts are not helped by the meanest and naughtiest fairy at the academy, Scary Fairy, who likes to play rotten tricks on Airy Fairy. Such a small fairy, and such a large mess!

This was an easy read chapter book suitable for lower primary school children. I read it to my preschooler and she really enjoyed it. My second grader liked the story too, but the book was very easy for her. There were black and white drawings scattered through the book. They were a little peculiar, with the characters having quite angled features, but my preschooler liked them. We all laughed when Airy Fairy’s spells went wrong, and scowled when the fault lay with Scary Fairy! It was a fun read that encourages independent reading. There are a few other titles in the Airy Fairy series that we haven’t yet read, but I will be trying to find.