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Fly Guy Presents Sharks by Tedd Arnold


IMG_0513Fly Guy Presents Sharks by Tedd Arnold, paperback non-fiction reader, published by Scholastic Inc in 2013.

Fly Guy and Buzz head to the aquarium to learn about sharks in this informative reader. It contains plenty of photographs throughout the book, complementing the interesting factual text. And Fly Guy and Buzz are always there, leading the way to more knowledge on sharks.

Moving onto non-fiction titles can be a little scary as they often have longer and harder words, and are more complicated than their fictional counterparts. Using some well loved characters, such as Fly Guy and Buzz, is useful in piquing the interest of young readers, especially those that may be reluctant to try non-fiction. I was impressed with the simple and interesting layout and facts. There was enough factual information to sink your teeth into (sorry about that awful pun!) without it becoming overwhelming.

This book is aimed at lower primary school children as a reader, but I read it to my preschooler, and she really enjoyed it. She loves Fly Guy, so this book had appeal before we even opened it. My preschooler did learn some things about sharks, such as they breathe through gills and they don’t sleep, she was particularly impressed by the Great White Shark being able to smell blood from so far away. She told me she is glad she’s never met a shark! She also liked the comments that Buzz makes, and the picture of Fly Guy pretending to have shark teeth. Combining Fly Guy and such an engaging topic as sharks was a stroke of genius, and we look forward to reading more in the Fly Guy Presents series.



Fly Guy and the Frankenfly by Tedd Arnold


IMG_0095Fly Guy and the Frankenfly by Tedd Arnold, hardback, 30 pages, published by Cartwheel Books, an imprint of Scholastic Inc, in 2013.

Fly Guy is Buzz’s pet fly and best friend. In this adventure they are playing monsters, doing monster puzzles and monster drawings, just before going to bed. When Buzz wakes in the night, he sees that Fly Guy has created his own monster!

This is a very easy chapter book great for first readers. The text is big, and the language simple, with great colour illustrations. My preschooler loves this story, she has a few Fly Guy books, and wants to get some more. The stories are short, but fun, and she likes that she can read it on her own. I highly recommend this book for emergent readers in preschool and lower primary school.

There’s a Fly Guy in my Soup by Tedd Arnold


IMG_3405There’s a Fly Guy in my Soup by Tedd Arnold, hardback, 30 pages, published by Scholastic Inc. Cartwheel Books in 2012.

This simple book is part of the Fly Guy series, which follows the adventures of Buzz and his pet fly Fly Guy. In this story, Buzz and Fly Guy are on holidays, and Fly Guy finds himself in some trouble in the hotel restaurant when he mistakes a bowl of soup for a warm bath.

This book has easy to read text with very short chapters and colour illustrations. It could be considered an early or first chapter book and would be suitable for children in lower primary school to read themselves, but also suitable for reading to younger children. My preschooler thought it was quite funny and is interested in reading more Fly Guy stories.