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Horrible Histories: Horribly Hilarious Joke Book by Terry Deary


IMG_5394Horrible Histories: Horribly Hilarious Joke Book by Terry Deary and illustrated by Martin Brown and Philip Reeve, paperback, 86 pages, published by Scholastic Ltd in 2009.

This is a collection of historical jokes, just right for middle to upper primary school students. The book is divided into sections based on the popular Horrible Histories books, such as jokes from the Groovy Greeks or the Incredible Incas. Many of the jokes were rather cringe-worthy and perfect for “Dad Jokes”, so I laughed a lot, and so did my kids. There are plenty of black and white illustrations to make you laugh too! It is a rather short book with only a few jokes on each page, so it was a quick read, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed. We quite like this sort of humour in our house!


Esau the Paw by Chris Gurney and John Bennett


IMG_3819Esau the Paw by Chris Gurney and illustrated by John Bennett, paperback picture book, published by Scholastic New Zealand Limited in 2014.

Esau the Paw is a very fluffy cat, and very proud of his full fur coat. He also likes to explore the great outdoors, rolling through mud, climbing trees and squeezing under bushes. Unfortunately all that outdoor fun leads to many tangles and knots that just can’t be brushed out. A quick trip to the vet and Esau finds himself with rather less fur, and is highly embarrassed by it. Will it ever grow back?

Humourous rhyming text, an engaging story and charming illustrations makes Esau the Paw a very entertaining book. Perfect for reading aloud, Esau has delighted my kindergartner and my third grader equally. I am also quite taken with him. My grandmother’s elderly cat had to be shaved for the same reason, and the pictures of Esau match the reality perfectly. There is something innately amusing about a cat that only has a furry head with a fluffy pom pom on the end of their tail! Esau’s attempts to regrow his fur are also highly amusing, and I feel for him as his friends show off their own thick coats. Poor Esau!

Esau the Paw is quickly becoming a favourite in our home. We will be searching for more books by this wonderful Kiwi author in the future.