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The Cat Wants Cuddles by P. Crumble and Lucinda Gifford


The Cat Wants Cuddles by P. Crumble and Lucinda Gifford, hardback picture book, published by Scholastic Australia in 2017.

Kevin is back, and this time he wants cuddles, or does he?

We just loved Kevin in The Cat Wants Custard, so as soon as his new book was available we bought it. And we have read it and read it, and we love it.

The illustrations are gorgeous, and the story amusing. Kevin is the epitome of all domestic cats; self-centred, demanding and moody. His expressions throughout the book really say it all. My favourite part is when he is hiding; he finds some excellent places! And the way he treats the dog reminds me so much of my own cats.

The Cat Wants Cuddles is a perfect read aloud for preschoolers and lower primary school children that is also enjoyable for the adult reading.





Minecat: A Whole Lot of Ocelots by P.T. Evans


minecatcoverMinecat: A Whole Lot of Ocelots by P.T. Evans, e-book, 64 pages, published by Montage Publishing in 2016.

When Jason’s cat, Spike, gets sucked into the computer, he finds himself in Jason’s Minecraft world. After watching Jason play Minecraft for hours on end, Spike finally gets to build the world himself. He takes full advantage of this to make his perfect home.

Minecraft has many fans around the world that play regularly. I am not one of these people, but I have watched my daughter play, and she talks about her game often, so I wasn’t completely in the dark. I had not seen ocelots in the game before, but after reading this my daughter went and found some ocelots and domesticated them just for me to see!

I rather enjoyed Minecat. It was a short and quick read, but the story was fun. It is a chapter book using reasonably simple language with short sentences and chapters. The allure of Minecraft will get the readers in, and the engaging story will keep them reading.

Spike is quirky, sweet and funny. And maybe just a little bit egocentric! I liked it when he was re-arranging Jason’s Minecraft house, adding climbing stations, beds, and eating all the flowers. Those spiders were a tad creepy, but the domesticated ocelots were very cute!

There are some illustrations in the story, such as images from Minecraft, often with Spike added to them. I liked the way Spike was drawn, he is pretty cute, and his insertion into the images and photos worked well. My favourite picture was where Spike was swinging on a vine in the jungle. The pictures suit the story.

My fourth grader loves Minecraft and spends hours playing it with her friends. She also loves cats. When I told her I had a copy of Minecat for her to read she was very excited. She read it quickly in one sitting, and has already re-read it a couple of times. She thought it was an excellent read for any Minecraft fan, though it was a bit easy for her. She’s quite enthusiastic about reading more in this series.

Minecat: A Whole Lot of Ocelots is suitable for primary school students. It would also suit reluctant readers, especially those with a love of Minecraft.


*I received this book from the publisher as a digital copy in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any other remuneration, and the review is composed entirely of my own opinions.

Me and My Cat by Michael Dahl and Zoe Persico


mecatcoverMe and My Cat by Michael Dahl and Zoe Persico, picture e-book, 24 pages, expected publication by Capstone Young Readers August 1st 2016.

Cats like to have fun, and kids like to have fun, but sometimes that fun is not always the same! Learn how to have a wonderful friendship with your cat that makes both of you happy.

I liked this cute picture book which contains some great advice for young cat owners. It is a gentle story that explains that while it is great to have fun with your cat, there are some things that your cat would prefer not to do, such as swimming. There is a page at the end of the book that provides specific advice on how to treat your pet cat.

The illustrations are very cute, and appealed to my toddlers. I like it when her cat is sitting on her head while she’s in bed and when they are mountain climbing. The text does not overlay the pictures, and it is clear and easy to read. The language is simple, making it possible for younger readers to enjoy.

Me and My Cat is suitable for toddlers through to lower primary school children. It would make an excellent present for a young child just getting their first cat or kitten.


*I obtained this book as a digital copy from Netgalley. I did not receive any other remuneration, and this is an honest review composed entirely of my own opinions.


Esau the Paw by Chris Gurney and John Bennett


IMG_3819Esau the Paw by Chris Gurney and illustrated by John Bennett, paperback picture book, published by Scholastic New Zealand Limited in 2014.

Esau the Paw is a very fluffy cat, and very proud of his full fur coat. He also likes to explore the great outdoors, rolling through mud, climbing trees and squeezing under bushes. Unfortunately all that outdoor fun leads to many tangles and knots that just can’t be brushed out. A quick trip to the vet and Esau finds himself with rather less fur, and is highly embarrassed by it. Will it ever grow back?

Humourous rhyming text, an engaging story and charming illustrations makes Esau the Paw a very entertaining book. Perfect for reading aloud, Esau has delighted my kindergartner and my third grader equally. I am also quite taken with him. My grandmother’s elderly cat had to be shaved for the same reason, and the pictures of Esau match the reality perfectly. There is something innately amusing about a cat that only has a furry head with a fluffy pom pom on the end of their tail! Esau’s attempts to regrow his fur are also highly amusing, and I feel for him as his friends show off their own thick coats. Poor Esau!

Esau the Paw is quickly becoming a favourite in our home. We will be searching for more books by this wonderful Kiwi author in the future.


The Twelve Cats of Christmas by Kevin Whitlark


IMG_3004The Twelve Cats of Christmas by Kevin Whitlark, paperback picture book, first published by Scholastic Australia in 2010, this edition published in 2014.

The twelve days of Christmas, cat style. On each of the days of Christmas, my true cat sends me something kitty related, such as “eight felines fishing”.

My kids like this twist on the old Christmas song. They like singing the book, and laughing at the quirky pictures. The story is simple and repetitive, so it’s easy for the kids to learn all the words too. I like the “cats a’ clawing” best, except when my own cat wants to join in!

Enjoy some Christmas entertainment with this fun Christmas book for toddlers, preschoolers and lower primary school children.

Explorers: Big Cats by Claire Llewellyn


IMG_2522Explorers: Big Cats by Claire Llewellyn, hardback non-fiction, 32 pages, published by Kingfisher (Macmillan Children’s Books) in 2013.

This junior non-fiction title is part of the Explorers range of reference books for young learners produced by Kingfisher. It is packed with facts about big cats from around the world, and is the perfect introduction to exploring these amazing animals.

Explorers: Big Cats is suitable for preschool, lower and middle primary school students. It is an interesting look at big cats, and would make an excellent reference for school assignments. Children will learn a little about different types of big cats, habitats, diets and big cat interactions. This is an introductory text, so the depth of information is not extensive, but suits the target audience well. The information is presented in an engaging and logical way, and is not overwhelming for younger readers. The realistic illustrations and clear photography enhance the text, and assist in engaging the reader. This book will satisfy younger readers, and will also inspire children to discover more about these incredible creatures.

Both my second grader and preschooler enjoyed Explorers: Big Cats a lot. They are both highly interested in animals and nature, and this non-fiction title was an anticipated read. My preschooler now wants to have a trip to the zoo to see some big cats (something that we do regularly anyway!) and my second grader has asked me to locate some more books on big cats for her to read. I love watching my children learning about the world, and books like Explorers: Big Cats make that journey fun. I learnt a few things about big cats that I didn’t know too! Now I’m interested to find some more titles in the Explorers series to read.