Me and My Cat by Michael Dahl and Zoe Persico


mecatcoverMe and My Cat by Michael Dahl and Zoe Persico, picture e-book, 24 pages, expected publication by Capstone Young Readers August 1st 2016.

Cats like to have fun, and kids like to have fun, but sometimes that fun is not always the same! Learn how to have a wonderful friendship with your cat that makes both of you happy.

I liked this cute picture book which contains some great advice for young cat owners. It is a gentle story that explains that while it is great to have fun with your cat, there are some things that your cat would prefer not to do, such as swimming. There is a page at the end of the book that provides specific advice on how to treat your pet cat.

The illustrations are very cute, and appealed to my toddlers. I like it when her cat is sitting on her head while she’s in bed and when they are mountain climbing. The text does not overlay the pictures, and it is clear and easy to read. The language is simple, making it possible for younger readers to enjoy.

Me and My Cat is suitable for toddlers through to lower primary school children. It would make an excellent present for a young child just getting their first cat or kitten.


*I obtained this book as a digital copy from Netgalley. I did not receive any other remuneration, and this is an honest review composed entirely of my own opinions.



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