Explorers: Big Cats by Claire Llewellyn


IMG_2522Explorers: Big Cats by Claire Llewellyn, hardback non-fiction, 32 pages, published by Kingfisher (Macmillan Children’s Books) in 2013.

This junior non-fiction title is part of the Explorers range of reference books for young learners produced by Kingfisher. It is packed with facts about big cats from around the world, and is the perfect introduction to exploring these amazing animals.

Explorers: Big Cats is suitable for preschool, lower and middle primary school students. It is an interesting look at big cats, and would make an excellent reference for school assignments. Children will learn a little about different types of big cats, habitats, diets and big cat interactions. This is an introductory text, so the depth of information is not extensive, but suits the target audience well. The information is presented in an engaging and logical way, and is not overwhelming for younger readers. The realistic illustrations and clear photography enhance the text, and assist in engaging the reader. This book will satisfy younger readers, and will also inspire children to discover more about these incredible creatures.

Both my second grader and preschooler enjoyed Explorers: Big Cats a lot. They are both highly interested in animals and nature, and this non-fiction title was an anticipated read. My preschooler now wants to have a trip to the zoo to see some big cats (something that we do regularly anyway!) and my second grader has asked me to locate some more books on big cats for her to read. I love watching my children learning about the world, and books like Explorers: Big Cats make that journey fun. I learnt a few things about big cats that I didn’t know too! Now I’m interested to find some more titles in the Explorers series to read.


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