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Book Review Index


IMG_0436I was staring at the pile of books I’ve read but haven’t had a chance to review yet, and realised that I have written quite a few book reviews for Today We Did now. Going to the book review category I also realised how difficult it was to navigate them, so I decided to compile a Book Review Index.

I split the books into novels, chapter books, pictures books and non-fiction to make it easier to look at reviews from these categories. Within each section I have listed the books in alphabetical order based on the authour’s last name. I will try to add each new book to the index as I publish its review, if I miss one, please point it out to me!

I’d also love to hear what you thought about these books too 🙂 And if you have a suggestion for a book you think I might like, let me know, if I can find it, I will read it!