Bird Seed Play


I found an old bag of wild bird seed in the laundry cupboard this week. I’m not sure how long it had been there, but it still looked fine, so I pulled it out to do something with. I remembered how much fun A had at the school’s ‘Stay and Play’ when they put out bird seed to play with one morning. So I tipped the rest of the bag of seed into two of our play tubs, one for each child, as they told me they didn’t want to share it today.

Having fun.

Having fun.



They enjoyed running their fingers through it, and watching the seeds drop back into the tub. Then they got busy with the funnels and sieve, as well as some of the measuring cups, spoons and jugs. L picked out a lot of the sunflower seeds and put them into her jug. A put her feet in the tub to see what it would feel like, and then proceeded to sit in the tub for further fun. They made bird seed pancakes and muffins, and whisked it round and round. Then they started stealing it from each other, leading to some screaming and complaining…. that didn’t last though, the bird seed was too much fun, and they went back to playing nicely together.

Using the funnel.

Using the funnel.

This was a very simple activity that gave both of the kids a good deal of enjoyment.


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