Rubberband Splat Painting


We are trying out some new ways to paint. I remembered seeing this technique at L’s playschool once, and wanted to try it at home.

IMG_1659We took a little box of thick cardboard and placed some thin rubber bands around the box. We practiced with paper first, and then used some mini canvases I’d picked up from the dollar shop for the final painting. IMG_1660

We put the paper/canvas in the box underneath the rubber bands, then painted the rubber bands one at a time and flicked them so that the paint splattered onto the paper/canvas. It was great fun, though we did get paint all over our hands, and some even splattered up onto A’s face and hair. I’m very happy with the results. IMG_1666

The kids are adding these to their parcels to give their father for father’s day this weekend. Hopefully he likes them!


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