m&m Maths


A bag of m&ms can be yummy and educational! We bought a bag of m&ms on the weekend, but before the kids scoffed them down, I got them to do some activities with them.

First they sorted them out based on colour. A liked picking up the blue ones best. They put each colour into separate little bowls.

Before sorting.

Before sorting.


During sorting.

During sorting.







Then they laid each colour out into lines, to visualise which colour was the most and least plentiful. L counted each colour by twos, recorded the amount, and wrote it in tally form. A tried to count some of them too, but got tired after reaching 20 and told me I could do the rest.

Laying the m&ms out.

Laying the m&ms out.

L's count of the m&ms.

L’s count of the m&ms.










L added the numbers for each colour together to find out how many m&ms were in the bag.

Making a pattern.

Making a pattern.

Continuing a pattern.

Continuing a pattern.

A made some patterns with the m&ms and placed the next m&m onto the end of some patterns I made. L did some patterns too, and then made a self-portrait in m&ms. Unfortunately she swiped it away before I had a chance to get a photo. It was pretty neat though.

And finally I let them eat some 🙂



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