Sugar Picture


IMG_3655I had initially planned to use salt for this activity, but alas, we had run out of table saltIMG_3659, so we substituted white sugar instead. I’m pretty sure the results would have been the same either way.

I placed some coloured paper into the bottom of a clean baking tray and then let A paint with some PVA glue on the sheet of paper. While the glue was still wet, she sprinkled (dumped) the sugar onto the paper. I shook the tray around to spread the sugar out, making sure all the glue was covered. Then I shook the excess sugar off the paper back into the baking tray, before pouring it into a bowl with a funnel for the next picture.







A also tried using the glue straight out of the bottle, but it was really too thick. The sugar started to dissolve where the glue was thick so it wasn’t as easy to see. However, when it dried it did create a 3D picture, which was pretty neat.











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