Glitter Art


IMG_9993The kids love glitter, but it gets everywhere! I find it in their hair, their school bags, their clothes, even when we haven’t used glitter for a while. Glitter and sand both appear in my house from origins unknown on a daily basis 🙂 It is nice for use in our art projects though, and this was a very simple glitter art, done in the backyard in an attempt to prevent excessive glittering of the house.

Applying glue.

Applying glue.

The kids each had some big sheets of paper and some glue. L used the glue to make shapes and words on her piece of paper, while A just added lots of glue all over her paper. Then they sprinkled glitter liberally over the glue. A was a bit wild with the glitter, and lots of it missed the paper (I was happy we’d decided to do this outside!).

Sprinkling on glitter.

Sprinkling on glitter.

Most of our glitter containers have little shaker holes to prevent the glitter coming out in one big pile, which make them a little easier for the kids to use. We had some different sized glitter, and different colours, as well as some rainbow star shaped glitter, which looked great on their pictures.

L's starry circle.

L’s starry circle.




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