Paper Plate Collage



Collage materials ready for use.

Collage materials ready for use.

A used a paper plate as the base for her latest collage. She chose a range of collage materials and I placed them on a tray for her to use. She had feathers, cardboard mosaics, felt flowers, sparkly fabric shapes, cut up straws, matchsticks and buttons.

Using Clag glue, A pasted her items onto the plate. I helped her glue down the buttons and pom poms with craft glue, which is stronger than Clag. She was very careful about where she placed each item, and wanted to make sure that everything was visible, and that she had just the right amount of each shape (for her own standards!). She was very pleased with her finished collage.

After it had dried, she wrote a birthday message on the back for Big L, and gave it to him as a birthday card. He said it was one of the best birthday cards he had ever received.

Putting on glue.

Putting on glue.

Making the finishing touches.

Making the finishing touches.



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