Letter Writing Organisation


The kids are getting into writing letters, the old fashioned snail mail way. They love to write letters and draw pictures to send to their friends and family members. A also really likes sticking the stamps onto the envelope. They are always so excited when a letter arrives for them too!

Paperwork trays with matching pen holder.

Paperwork trays with matching pen holder.

I bought each of them some letter writing packs, with envelopes, paper and stickers. Over time though, we have ended up with some odd envelopes and paper, stored in various places about the house. I thought it was time to bring all of our letter writing supplies together and store them in a more organised and neat fashion. I was trying to devise a way that I could make a holder for our stationery, when I came across some paperwork trays at a friend’s garage sale. I knew these would be just perfect for our writing supplies.

With the kids’ help, we located as much of the writing supplies that we could and brought them together on the dining table. I took everything out of its packaging, to reduce the clutter. Some packets had a single envelope in them! We tried out all of the pens that had been stored with the writing paper, and threw out the ones that didn’t work.

Mix and match stationery supplies.

Mix and match stationery supplies.

As we had three trays to work with, we divided the supplies into three piles. We used one tray for envelopes, one for paper, greeting cards and note pads, and in the third we placed sticker sheets, address books and stamps. We stacked them on top of each other, and added the pen holder with some pens and pencils to the top tray. It is a lot neater, and far easier to find what we’re after.


The trays.

Our new organised letter writing station.

Our new organised letter writing station.


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