Tovi the Penguin Goes to the Seaside by Janina Rossiter


Tovi the Penguin - goes to the sea side Cover.inddTovi the Penguin Goes to the Seaside by Janina Rossiter, picture e-book, published in 2016.

Tovi and his two friends have gone to the beach. They set up camp, build sandcastles and swim, but something unexpected happens while they take a nap!

My kids love penguins of all shapes and sizes. They will spend hours watching them at the zoo, and in documentaries, as well as reading about them in both fiction and non-fiction books. So Tovi the Penguin definitely took their fancy!

Tovi the Penguin Goes to the Seaside is a cute story about friendship and fun at the beach. The language is easy to read, and the text is clear. There are little pieces of speech associated with each penguin, aside from the main narration, which we liked.  The story is nice, and I enjoyed reading it aloud to my toddlers.

Bright, simple illustrations adorn every page. Can you spot the ladybird in each picture? I like the sandcastle and the sea creatures that the penguins see when they are snorkelling.

Tovi the Penguin Goes to the Seaside is suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and lower primary school students. It is part of a whole series of Tovi the Penguin stories. We hope to read more about Tovi soon.



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