I’ve been busy…


As many of you will have noticed, I haven’t been posting much this year, and especially in the past few months. Now, it’s not because I’ve lost interest (I haven’t), or that there is a lack of review requests (there’s not) or even because I’m not reading (picture books still count!) No, it is because I simply haven’t had the time of late to spend at my computer, or to read much of anything that requires me to concentrate. My time has always been stretched thin with four kids, a couple of part-time jobs, volunteering at the schools, and a house to upkeep, but this year all of my kids have required some extra TLC. I don’t want to go much into it, just suffice to say I have found myself bouncing between various appointments, meetings and educational courses and seminars to help us through, and as an added bonus our family has been repeatedly hit with the virus stick, knocking us down one after the other for the last six months or so. I’m pretty tired…. and I’m only getting time on my computer today because I’m in bed recovering from the latest illness.

Now, I hope you won’t give up on me just yet! With spring in the air, hopefully the coughs, sneezes and snots will leave us be for a while, and life will return to some semblance of its normal chaotic self. I can’t predict when I will be back on the blog more regularly, but I will try to get more reviews happening, though I may be limited to picture books for a while….

I apologise if you have sent me a review request and I haven’t gotten to it yet, I do keep all review requests on file, so it’s still in my to do pile! I get more requests than I could ever complete even when times are good, but I will do my best!

Thanks for your understanding,



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