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A long, dark winter….


This winter was a difficult time for me as I bounced from one illness to the next. Since early May I have been struggling with chest infections, bronchitis, several bouts of conjunctivitis and gastroenteritis, and sinus and ear infections, plus a most hideous case of food poisoning… With a family of six, there were few days when no one was sick, and caring for sick kids is almost as tiring as being sick yourself. All of that has left me exhausted and feeling low. My beautiful husband, Big L, has been an absolute rock, pulling the cart when I could not, and putting up with my complaints, and my snoring! He is an amazing person with a big heart, and I adore him.

During those long months, it was difficult to work and sometimes even to read, so my book reviews have been few. I am sorry for this. I have greatly missed reading great stories and writing about them. I’m hopeful to be back in full swing shortly (I’m yet to beat the latest bout of bronchitis and ear infection). I appreciate your patience, and your support in reading and sharing my blog.

Thank you. Thank you.


Time Away


Focus, concentration and motivation have been rather lacking in my life lately, as I slowly recover from illness, and the death of a loved one. I just haven’t been able to work or even read for pleasure, leaving me woefully behind in my read-and-review stack. I apologise if you have been waiting for a review or feedback. I don’t know how long it will be until I find myself back on my feet again, I’m just taking things one day at a time.
Thank you all for reading my blog and sharing your work with me and my readers. I hope to continue the Today We Did journey soon, and I hope you will come along for the ride 🙂

Sara xx

Difficulties of technology….


Over the past couple of months I have been experiencing some technical issues, first with my laptop, then with my internet connection. This has kept me from posting regularly, replying to emails and downloading files.

I think all of the problems have now been sorted and I am trying to catch up as best I can. If you have emailed me recently and I haven’t replied, I am very sorry. If you don’t hear from me in the next couple of days, please try emailing me again.

If you are waiting for a book review, please understand that I get a lot of requests, and I try to accept as many as possible. I really want to help get the word out about your books! I constantly have a long list of books to review, and I am working through them as quickly as possible. If you need your review done by a particular date, please let me know! Otherwise, I will email you once your review is up.

Thanks for your patience (and your wonderful stories!).