Starry Stars


The kids really like stars. I think their two favourite shapes at the moment are stars and love hearts. L, in particular, is going through a stage of drawing love hearts and stars on everything. So a simple post-dinner activity was placing star stickers onto a cardboard star.


I drew the stars on a sheet of cardboard and cut them out, then I let the kids loose with two star shapes each, and several sheets of star stickers. A placed random stars all over hers, while L used the stars to make patterns, and even a face on one cardboard star. She also layered some of the stickers to make some stars with lots of points.

A placing star stickers.

A placing star stickers.

One of L's multi-stickered stars.

One of L’s multi-stickered stars.










Once they were finished placing stickers, we taped some thick pink paper strips to the top of the stars to hang them by.


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