Play Foam


IMG_4925A received some play foam for Christmas. It looks like tiny coloured balls of foam, and is a little sticky. They had some of this at her playschool last year, and the kids all loved it. It had said something on the pack like, it never dries out, and doesn’t stick to floors, carpets and clothing, so it is an easy clean up. I know from playschool that if it falls on the ground outside, it is near impossible to remove the dirt, grass and leaves from it, and if you happen to tread on some and don’t notice straight away, it is very difficult to remove from the bottom of your shoe. With this in mind, I placed a muck mat down, and then put the play foam into one of our play tubs, just in case.

The play foam came in a pack that was sectioned into different colours. It did not stay in separate colours for very long though. A immediately started squishing it through her fingers, and mixing the colours, so soon it was rainbow play foam.

Squashing the colours together.

Squashing the colours together.

More squishing.

More squishing.







Making cupcakes.

Making cupcakes.

She likes to roll it into little balls and sausages, and mould it into various shapes, but what she likes best is to squash it! She also used some muffin cases and made pretend cupcakes with some plastic straws for candles. She shared the pretend cakes out, and we had a little tea party. Then she asked me to help her roll all of the play foam into a big ball. Once we’d done that she put some straws into the ball, and told me she was making a hedgehog.

The big ball becoming a hedgehog.

The big ball becoming a hedgehog.

It was a pretty easy clean up, with any stray bits of foam being picked up with the big ball, and it didn’t stick to anything other than itself. I did take precautions though, and warned A not to move it off the muck mat.

A's hedgehog ready for bed.

A’s hedgehog ready for bed.







I enjoyed playing with the play foam as well, I like the feel of it, and so did L. It is easy to mould into shape, and holds its shape well. It should keep for a long time for future play, so long as we look after it, and don’t let it get too dirty or fluffy.



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