Foam Monsters


Foam sheets are easy and fun to make craft with. They are easy to cut to your desired shape, and they glue together well. We used some foam to make monsters. I cut out the base shapes and let the kids decorate them as they pleased.

A's monster and flower.

A’s monster and flower.

Adding rhinestones.

Adding rhinestones.

A used plenty of glitter glue to stick on some legs and arms, and lots of rhinestones. She also gave her monster two large eyes and one tiny eye. After A made her monster, she also asked me to cut out a flower for her to decorate using rhinestones and glitter glue.

L's monsters.

L’s monsters.

L made up a monster similar to A’s, using different coloured foam. She gave her monster a tail and some feet, and glitter glue for eyebrows and mouth. She cut up some scraps of foam into tiny pieces and spread them onto some craft glue to form a spiky looking beard and spiky hair for her monster. L made a second monster of her own design, cutting the orange foam into a ghost-like shape, and adding eyes, rhinestones and glitter glue for its features. I liked these monsters so much that L gave them to me to put up on my bedroom door.

Adding legs to her monster.

Adding legs to her monster.

Decorated flower head.

Decorated flower head.


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