Banana and Choc Spread Parcels


IMG_1051I always have some puff pastry in the freezer for when the mood hits me to bake something quick, easy and yummy! This time I found a lonely banana in the fruit bowl, and a jar of chocolate spread (we had Nutino) in the cupboard. Bananas and chocolate are pretty good together, and in puff pastry, they make an excellent desert.

Before folding the parcels.

Before folding the parcels.

I cut one puff pastry sheet into quarters. On each quarter I placed some of the chocolate spread, and a few slices of banana. Then I folded them diagonally to make triangular parcels, and used a fork to seal the edges of the pastry together. In the oven they went until golden brown.

Ready for cooking.

Ready for cooking.

These were a big hit, though the kids thought I could have put some more chocolate spread into them! Sometimes I wonder why I don’t just give them a spoon and the chocolate spread jar for desert… much less washing up 🙂 These little parcels of deliciousness would have gone really well with some ice-cream or custard too, except we didn’t have any. I will have to be a bit more organised next time!


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