Paper Weaving


IMG_1683Paper weaving is a simple activity that kids love. It can be done with just two contrasting pieces of paper. A chose a sheet of purple paper for her base, and then some green, light blue and dark blue paper for her weaving strips.

The cut base, with the edge forming the frame.

The cut base, with the edge forming the frame.

I folded the sheet of purple paper in half (short ends together), and then cut in from the folded side, leaving a couple of centimetres at the end and edges to form a frame around the edge. Each cut was about two centimetres apart, but there’s no need to be exact.

Cutting a strip of paper.

Cutting a strip of paper.

A cut some strips of coloured paper to weave through the base sheet. She made some thin and some fat. I think having uneven strips makes the finished artwork more interesting than even strips.

A started weaving strips through the cuts of the base sheet. She practiced over, under, over, under… until her strip was all the way across the base. Once she had a strip weaved through, she pushed it up against the edge of the last one, and did another one. It was a little difficult to get the last strip in, as there wasn’t much space left, so I helped her finish it off.

Weaving paper strips.

Weaving paper strips.

A added a dab of glue under the end of each strip to hold it in place. The Clag glue made the colour in the paper run a little, so we could see where the glue was even once it had dried, so next time we will use a glue stick!

Putting on some glue.

Putting on some glue.


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