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Quick Baby Brekky


IMG_0570IMG_0563A while back, I had bought some re-usable baby food pouches so we could put our own baby food into them for use when we’re out and about. They are really handy, and we can use them for yoghurt, custard and pureed fruit for the older kids too. The ones we have are called Squeeze ’ems, but there are a number of other brands available now, and they come in a range of sizes. I bought ours at Baby Mumma, but they can often be found at modern cloth nappy and eco-ware web stores.

When we’re in a hurry to get out the door in the morning, sometimes Baby T doesn’t have a chance to have a good breakfast at home. He loves Weet-bix, so I tried making a quick breakfast in one of the re-usable pouches to take along with us.

I placed some canned peaches in first (well, these were actually in a plastic tub, but I still think of them as canned or tinned). I gave the peaches a bit of a squish through the pouch to break them up, before adding a Weet-bix biscuit, and some full cream milk. I sealed the top of the pouch and let it sit for a few minutes. This let the Weet-bix soak up the milk and become soft. Once it was all soft I shook it and squeezed it to mix the peaches with the weet-bix, and make sure there weren’t too many big lumps that wouldn’t fit out the nozzle.

Mixed up and ready to eat.

Mixed up and ready to eat.

Baby T loves this breakfast on the go. We use other soft fruit in it too, such as canned pears or apricots or fresh banana for variety. It is easy and quick, and I can give him a solid breakfast even on days when we are dashing out to school in a bit of a rush.