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Spider Drinks


We made another type of spider on Halloween too, this time an edible variety. When I told L there would be spiders for desert she became a bit worried, and told me she didn’t want any red-backs because they are poisonous. That gave me a bit of a chuckle.



The kids had never had soft drink spiders before, so they were fascinated when Big L put ice-cream and lime soft drink on the bench. Big L placed a scoop of ice-ceam in the bottom of some plastic cups, and then slowly added the lime soft drink. The kids loved watching the combination fizz up. Both kids were keen to try them, L really enjoyed it, while A thought it was icky. Not a big surprise though, since she doesn’t like soft drinks either, but we were happy she tried a new food.







We used straws to drink the spiders, and we all had fun trying to create enough suction on the lump of ice-cream with the straw to lift it out of the soft drink. Lots of laughs when Big L dropped his ball of ice-cream and it splashed back into the drink spraying his face with green speckles.