Christmas Trees


IMG_4030These Christmas tree shapes were in the Christmas bags from Riot Art & Craft, along with a container of Christmas card embellishments. The trees were a thin foam, and there were three each to decorate.

Foam tree shapes.

Foam tree shapes.

Embellishment pack.

Embellishment pack.





Some of the embellishments had paper backing that could be removed to reveal a sticky side to stick straight onto the tree or card. These bits of paper were very hard to remove, and in some cases, we actually pulled the sticky backing right off the embellishment along with the paper. After that we just used craft glue to stick the embellishments onto the trees.

Adding glitter glue.

Adding glitter glue.

Glitter glue in gold and silver added a final touch of sparkle to these great Christmas trees.







A’s trees.

L's trees.

L’s trees.






Once they were dry we used blu-tack to stick them on our front door.


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