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Sticky Mosaics Tiara


IMG_3451One of our purchases at the new Lincraft Store was a sticky mosaics kit to make a tiara. Sticky mosaics are a bit like paint by numbers, but using foam stickers instead of paint. Just peel the sticker off and place it on the corresponding number and you’re away. There is also a sticky mosaics range for younger kids, which uses shapes instead of numbers and the foam pieces are bigger. We’ve had a number of sticky mosaics and both L and A love them. They are easy and fun, and they help with number/shape recognition, using a key, and fine motor skills.

Placing the stickers onto the tiara.

Placing the stickers onto the tiara.

A chose this tiara as she loves playing princesses and wearing sparkly crowns. Though she has done several of the shape sticky mosaics, this was her first attempt at a number one. She did really well with it, and easily followed the numbers. She also managed the smaller pieces very well. She was very pleased with the finished product!


Finished tiara.